Local students receive musical assistance


Photo from Unsplash

 Research shows listening to music activates the release of dopamine and may improve students’ physical and mental health. 

According to Art Markman, a cognitive scientist at the University of Texas, “People may be better at solving problems when they are in a positive mood compared to a negative or neutral mood.” He later added that “Music that is relaxing also helps students with stress and anxiety, thus leading to studying more efficiently.” Music at bedtime is also a solution for longer and deeper sleep. A study done by researchers Harmat, Takacs, and Bodizs involved 94 students. The report stated that “The participants who listened to music showed statistically significant improvement in sleep quality and a decrease in depressive symptoms.”

Many people use music regularly in their daily lives for a variety of reasons. “I listen to music constantly, when I’m happy, sad, working, exercising, skiing, hiking, and even driving” said Black Hills State University Alumni Maddie Larsen. She then added, “As a third-grade teacher, I play music for my students when doing schoolwork like language arts, math, and other subjects. The kids are happier and more interested as well as motivated when the music is playing.”

While music of all kinds can improve one’s mood and increase dopamine levels, lyric-less music is best for studying, sleeping, and multitasking. Ms. Larsen uses lo-fi beat to help her students. With no lyrics and a relaxing and upbeat tune, lo-fi stimulates the brain to improve the mood and efficiency of the classroom.

BHSU’s radio station provides free music with “TuneIn Radio” app. Photo by Cason Pratt

There are many playlists and audio that people can utilize. BHSU offers a free broadcast from its radio station, avaiable on Apple and Android devices through simply downloading the TuneIn Radio app. Happy listening!