Lutheran Campus Ministries Invites Students to Dinner

Bailey Roebling, Contributing Writer

Lutheran Campus Ministries (LCM) is welcoming anyone to come join them at The Living Room for a home cooked meal and more every Monday night at 6:30 p.m.

Rachel Nelson, the LCM leader, said she wants anyone who comes to feel at home.

“It is a place to come and be yourself with no judgment. It is mainly to see how faith impacts your life. Plus we have a home cooked meal. Any religion and come and be a part of we have. Monday night is a time to be you,” said Nelson.

LCM is a group that accepts many different religions. They want everyone to feel welcomed. A home cooked meal is always provided and served at 6:30 p.m. Games and a Bible study usually follow.

Many students’ favorite part about Monday night is that having the chance to get off campus and be with friends, according to BHSU student Mariah Madsen.

Payton Gall, another student, said she loves the home cooked meals and also likes that it gets her away from the stressful atmosphere of college.

LCM would like more Black Hills students to join them in the future for dinner.