One BHSU Student Killed and One Injured at Spearfish Canyon Disk Golf Course

Robyn Hynes, Science Editor/Photo Coordinator

Black Hills State University students Gage McSpadden and Evan Strand were struck by lightning at the Spearfish Canyon Disk Golf course on the night of July 12th.

Strand was struck indirectly, and McSpadden was hit directly. Both were transported to a Denver, CO hospital. McSpadden passed away on Tuesday night due to injuries related to the incident and Evens was in critical condition.

McSpadden who was pursuing a degree in special education, was entering his senior year. He was from Rawlins, WY and Strand from Gillette, WY. Who graduated in 2014. President Tom Jackson gave a statement to the Black Hills Pioneer on July 15, stating: “Our thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathies are extended to the families, friends and colleagues of these students.”

Many people are using this event to educate about dangerous summer weather. According to the weather experts at Storm Highway: “If you can see lightning or hear thunder at all, you are within range of the next strike.”

At the time of this report the condition of Strand is unknown.

McSpadden’s services where held on July 20th with family and friends in attendance.