Sustainability Makes Students Aware of the Environment


Hannah Bohlinger

Graphic by Hannah Bohlinger

Bailey Roebling, Contributing Writer

Sustainability is maintaining positive relationships both within and between different ecosystems. It is the ability to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising future generation’s recourses. Sustainability is being aware of how we affect the Earth.

“Trying to build relationships that are positive for us, the economy and the ecosystems are important,” said Dr. Sandra Marker.

Dr. Marker is the Co-coordinator for the upcoming sustainability program at Black Hills State University. Marker has been teaching at BHSU for 11 years. Marker hosted a talk on sustainability Nov. 1 and spoke about the linkages between three systems: the environment, the economy, and society. Every part is linked together and has a relationship. Marker also talked about how we need to assess the risks of our actions before we take them.

The sustainability masters program will continue and the bachelors for Sustainability will begin spring of 2017. This program will teach students about a healthier way of living and supports global quality of life. Graduates from this program can secure excellent job placement, careers, and other opportunities.

“I thought the talk was very informative. I didn’t know a lot about sustainability coming in here tonight and know I have a better understanding of what it is all about. It was great,” said Abby Wollschlager an exercise science major at BHSU.

Wollschlager thinks sustainability is very important and didn’t realize how much of an effect it has.

“This talk made me more aware of my actions and humans actions as a whole,” said Wollschlager.