The department of labor helps students build resumes in BHSU Rapid City

The department of labor was at the BHSU Rapid City Center on the 20th at 3 to help students understand how to write a good resume for free. Brittany Perry and Jermone Wickersham were going over proper formatting of resumes, what you should and shouldn’t put on one, and the services they offer in the department of labor such as mock interviews, resume writing, cover letters, job search workshops, and career explorations.

One of the most important tips to know for building a resume, is just to just be neat said Brittany. Employers will look at a resume and in about 30 seconds they can usually tell if they want the person to come in for an interview or not. “It depends on the stack of resumes they have to look at, if there’s a job out there that a lot of people are going for, then they could look at it in 10 seconds, 30 and just chuck it.”

The resume workshop also went over what students would need to do if they wanted to be prepared for an interview. They do mock interviews at their office because being prepared for any situation while trying to get a job is a really important part. They need to be prepared and know their work history, know their dates, know their job description well for an employer who doesn’t know that as well, said Jerome.

It’s important for students to take advantage of this opportunity now, while in college, for future employers and jobs. There are more possibilities with everything the department of labor offers.

The Department of Labor will come to the Spearfish campus every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, and the next session for the Rapid City center will be on Nov. 28th.