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Two NFL division rivals remain unbeaten

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The Chiefs division rival Broncos are also undefeated, which makes this the first time two teams in the same division have yet to be beaten this far into the season. ”

As teams head into week seven in the NFL, certain teams are already either exceeding or disappointing fan beginning of the season expectations.

The New England Patriots are winning games without their usual high-powered receiving core and the Houston Texans are falling flat on their face. Yet, the only two undefeated teams left are making a splash in the NFL community. The Denver Broncos are using their high-powered offense to overpower teams while the Kansas City Chiefs are stopping offenses with a strong defense.

Last year, the Chiefs had a forgettable season, finishing with only two wins and 14 losses. In week 17 of last season, the Chiefs were last in the power rankings as the weakest team in the league according to This season they have had a mind-blowing turnaround and are now they are ranked second, right behind the Denver Broncos on the NFL power rankings. The Chiefs remain undefeated through their first six games and have tripled their total wins from last year.

This is somewhat due to their team overhaul from last year with Alex Smith taking over the job as quarterback and Andy Reid managing the team as head coach. The Chiefs defense is ranked first in the league only giving up 10.8 points per game on average according to Some are skeptical of the Chiefs success so far, with the fear that they have not had any real challenging team to contend with yet. However, only the future will tell how the Chiefs will do as a Super Bowl contender. The Chiefs face off against the Houston Texans on Oct. 20.

The Chiefs division rival Broncos are also undefeated, which makes this the first time two teams in the same division have yet to be beaten this far into the season. Unlike the Chiefs, the Broncos are ranked 24th in the league in giving up an average of 26.3 points per game according to

What makes this Broncos team so effective is its high powered offense. The Broncos are first in the league in scoring an average of 44.2 points per game. Broncos have proven themselves to perform in the clutch this year, but there is some concern on how they will play in the winter cold against the tougher teams they have to face on their upcoming schedules. On Oct. 20, the Broncos face off against Peyton Manning’s former team, the Indianapolis Colts.

Last year, the Broncos were highly ranked as Super Bowl contenders, but they lost the playoff game in double overtime to the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens would go on to win the Super Bowl.

The Broncos are heavily favored as Super Bowl favorites right now and maybe in the end it will come down to these two teams fighting for top spot in their division. The Chiefs were knocked out of the playoffs early last year. But if they stay on track, they have a shot. The Broncos and Chiefs won’t play against each other until Nov. 17, and who knows, maybe these two teams will remain unbeaten and clash to see who will remain on top of the AFC West division.

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