BHSU Media is updated by the staff of the Jacket Journal, KBHU-TV and KBHU 89.1 & KJKT 90.7 “The Buzz” FM.

If you are interested in contributing, please send your submission to the appropriate email below.

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Jacket Journal Newsroom

Phone: 605-642-6389605-642-6389
Email: BHSUMedia@gmail.com


Student Editors

Spring 2014:
Faculty Advisor
Dr. Mary Caton-Rosser Mary.CatonRosser@BHSU.edu
Editor in Chief
Jodi Mathis Jodi.Mathis@YellowJackets.BHSU.edu
Assistant Editor Jenna Carda Jenna.Carda@YellowJackets.BHSU.edu
Visual Editor                                    & Corporate Communications Ashley Grable Ashley.Grable@YellowJackets.BHSU.edu
Systems/Online Editor
Evan Bruce Evan.Bruce@YellowJackets.BHSU.edu
Copy Editor
Ashley True Ashley.True@YellowJackets.BHSU.edu
Photo Journalist                               & Fact Checker
Melisa Revilla MariaDelPilar.Revilla@YellowJackets.BHSU.edu
Advertising Representative Jesus Ramos Jesus.Ramos@YellowJackets.BHSU.edu
Proofreader Amy Varland Amy.Varland@yellowjackets.bhsu.edu
Copy Editor Jaron Jenkins Jaron.Jenkins@YellowJackets.BHSU.edu
Fact Checker Stephen Farghali
Proofreader Jeff M. Smith JeffreySmith94@YellowJackets.BHSU.edu
Distribution Coordinator Kyle Hauck Kyle.Hauck@YellowJackets.BHSU.edu
 Illustrator Tanner Triscori Tanner.Triscori@YellowJackets.BHSU.edu
Photojournalist Harlie Dale Harlie.Dale@YellowJackets.BHSU.edu
Illustrator Chris Crawford Chris.crawford@yellowjackets.bhsu.edu


The Jacket Journal is currently looking to fill the positions of copy editor. If you are interested, please send your questions to BHSUMedia@gmail.com.


The Buzz FM

Phone: 605-642-6389605-642-6265
Email: thebuzzfm@gmail.com


Student Employees

Spring 2014:
Faculty Advisor Dr. Scott Clark Scott.Clark@yellowjackets.bhsu.edu
Station Manager Hannah Kloiber Hannah.Kloiber@YellowJackets.BHSU.edu
Music Director Scott Lemon Scott.Lemon@yellowjackets.bhsu.edu
Production Director Sam Torok Sam.torok@yellowjackets.bhsu.edu
Webmaster Evan Bruce Evan.Bruce@YellowJackets.BHSU.edu
Public Relations Andy Black Gerald.Black@YellowJackets.BHSU.edu


The Buzz FM is always looking for more DJs to fill our time slots. If you are a student of any interest, we have some air time for you. We will train you how to use the equipment. Email us at TheBuzzFM@gmail.com.



Phone: 605-441-4103605-441-4103
Website: www.kbhutv.com


Student Employees

Fall 2013:
General Manager
Paige Albers Paige.Albers@yellowjackets.bhsu.edu
Production Director Jory Andre Jory.Andre@yellowjackets.bhsu.edu
Production Manager Brady Licht Brady.Licht@yellowjackets.bhsu.edu
Web Manager Caitlin Templeton Caitlin.Templeton@yellowjackets.bhsu.edu
Videographer Gabriele Palubechyte Gabriele.Palubechyte@yellowjackets.bhsu.edu


To view more of their content, visit their Blip.tv or YouTube.com.

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