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The Ghost of Cannonberry Castle

Kathryn Hastings, Contributer November 23, 2020

A cold chill swept over the castle. It seemed like it would be another dreary day in the American countryside. The whole castle moved and bent its shape with every breathe it took. I wandered around the...

A Halloween to Remember

Kathryn Hastings October 29, 2020

“Come on Thomas, you have to go with us. It’ll be fun.” I heard my best friend say while we walked on the sidewalk to my house.   “But dude, its breaking into a store. I don’t want to...

BHSU Rodeo athlete achieves all-around accomplishment in fall season

Jaicee Williams October 26, 2020

Imagine a young girl who dreams of growing up, going to college, and becoming an extremely successful rodeo athlete. She knows that with hard work, dedication, and the right mindset, she would be able...

A Home for Monsters

Kathryn Hastings, Contributer October 14, 2020

Here at the Happy Home for Monsters we offer a service like no other. Is your imaginary friend getting too old for you? Is your pet vampire needing a home after it bit you? What about a werewolf? Have...

Full moon peaks out from behind the clouds in the Black Hills.

Spooktacular Halloween full moon shines across North America for first time since 1944

Sean Seefeldt, Contributer October 14, 2020

Halloween will be a little bit spookier this year. A rare Halloween full moon will be viewable across North America for the first time since World War II.   Popular Halloween media has conjured...

The Fright

Kathryn Hastings October 5, 2020

In 2048, a man invented time travel. His name was William Burkawitz, and he was the smartest man on earth. There’s only one problem with time travel, that’s once you do it, you must stay in that timeline....

High Plains Country Jamboree performs last show of season at Western Heritage Center

Brittany Birgen September 28, 2020

The High Plains Country Jamboree played the last of nine weekly shows on Sept. 15 at 6:30 p.m. at the Western Heritage Center.    This series of shows featured Orion and Stacey Potter, who are...

Black Lives Matter Demonstrations in Rapid City

David Azadi Scott, Photographer June 19, 2020

  [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="36" gal_title="Rapid City June 2 Black Lives Matter Protest"]

BHSU photography selected to exhibit in Dahl Mountain

Holly Burley, Student Contributor March 4, 2020

Spearfish, S.D – The Dahl Mountain Culture Competition is an annual event hosted by the Dahl Arts Center that accepts photographs from hundreds of photographers in the Black Hills area every year. This...

A Native American prayer cloth hugs a tree close to the base of Devil’s Tower

Devils Tower National Monument Continues to Captivate Crowds Over One Hundred Years After Establishment

David Steffen, Proofreader/Fact Checker December 18, 2017

Rolling prairies and sparse, pine covered hills dot the landscape of western Wyoming, accompanying tourists and locals as they make their way down Wyoming Highway 24. A lone mountain range protrudes from...

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