Tours haunt Lead-Deadwood at the Bullock Hotel

Katie Giesler

If you call yourself a history buff but have not been to any of the historic tours in Deadwood, S.D., are you really a history buff? Are you a paranormal believer? How about a skeptic?

Located on the corner of historic Main and Wall Street in Deadwood, S.D., the Bullock Hotel was built by Seth Bullock between 1894 and 1896, according to the Bullock Hotel website. The building began as a warehouse, but after the first Deadwood fire in 1894, the building was converted into a hotel.

Under new ownership in 1976, the hotel was converted into a hardware store. Following in 1991, extensive reconstruction began to turn the building back into a hotel.

Even as the functionality of the property changed, the reported and recorded paranormal activity taking place on the premise remained consistent. The Bullock is the oldest remaining building in Deadwood and is known for its history and unnatural sightings. Many locals and tourists mention seeing, hearing or personally interacting with something they believe to be paranormal.

The Bullock Hotel offers nightly Ghost Tours for everyone interested in the extensive history of the building itself, as well as its seemingly

ghostly inhabitants.

Tours begin at 5:30 p.m., however, arrive early to ensure parking and to get familiar with all of the intriguing places showcased in the hour to hour-and-a-half long tour. The tour costs $10 per person.