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More Than Music Ep. 4: Interview with Matthew Cornwell

This week we spoke with Matthew Cornwell about how a kid from the rural area of Conklin New York could blossom into one of the more well known artists within the Binghamton Music scene. We discuss everything from Matthew’s early days making music in Las Vegas, the creation of his project Icarus, finding his footing performing live sets, and much more! Join us for a fun conversation about Music and a couple sneak peaks at some unrelease Matthew Cornwell tracks.

More Than Music Ep. 3: Interview with Process ahead of new project “Candids”

We sat down with Process ahead of his upcoming album release “Candids”, set to drop on October 30th, and had a great discussion. We talked about Process’ time living in Florida, Moving back to NY, How his family influenced his musical tastes, his relationship with all the members of Dim 136 and so much more!

More Than Music Ep. 2: Interview with Kory Alexander

More Than Music: Interview with Corey Loveless

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BH Sitdown Podcast (Hosted by Tyler Block)


Multicultural Mosaics

Professor Mary Caton-Rosser Interviewing various people from different cultures.

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