BHSU presents ‘The Braggart Soldier’ for Spearfish community

Watching people leave with a smile on their face is always amazing.

— Zachary Zwaschka

The Black Hills State University theatre department performed “The Braggart Soldier” on Sept. 9 at 7 p.m. at the Schallenkamp Amphitheatre. 

According to BHSU’s theatre advertising flyers, this comedy, written by Plautus, was rated R for its suggestive jokes and language. “The Braggart Soldier” is a humorous tale of two lovers trying to be together amid odd obstacles. Roman soldier, Magnifico, has taken young Speranza. Her lover Eroe waits in the neighbor’s house until crafty servant Mascalzona devises a plan for Speranza and Eroe to get back together and escape Magnifico. 

The comedy was directed by Bert Juhrend, with eight actors filling 10 roles. The cast prepared and performed “The Braggart Soldier” in June but showed it once more for the BHSU campus. Students and community members alike shared laughs at the final performance. There was no admission fee.

Zachary Zwaschka, a BHSU student, has enjoyed theatre here over the years. Zwaschka starred as the hilariously conceited Magnifico in “The Braggart Soldier”, and said he enjoyed this “goofier” play. Zwaschka explained that, “Watching people leave with a smile on their face is always amazing.” He said he looks forward to other plays this school year.