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Advice: Do Not Sacrifice Quality for Time and Energy

Joshua Bruce, Contributing Writer
November 21, 2016 • 286 views
Filed under Opinions

Time and time again filmmakers make the mistake of taking a hit to their quality because of time management. There should never be a compromise on the quality of a project. The sole reasons for creating a video is for it to look good, tell a story well, and flow. None of these exist if said project lacks...

College Students Balance Working While Attending School

Marina Curuchet, Contributing Writer
October 25, 2016 • 507 views
Filed under Jacket Journal, Opinions

Juggling school and work is a daunting task for college students. Trying to stay on top of homework while working odd hours to pay your way presents many challenges. There are benefits to having a job while going to school. Students can gain valuable experience in the workforce to help them succeed in...

Student Loan Debt Causes Market Crash

Ashley Gacke, Contributing Writer
September 19, 2016 • 733 views
Filed under Jacket Journal, Opinions

Many question whether to go to higher education or work right out of high school due to high costs.  Students through out the United States are facing this challenge daily. One of the questions many of us have is why has college cost increased so rapidly. Ronald Ehrenberg is an economist who wrote...

Human Connection Dies Slow Death To Virtual World

Laura Elshire, Contributing Writer
August 20, 2016 • 554 views
Filed under Opinions

  They walked hand in hand, their eyes glued deep into the news feed that was streaming from their hand-held device. They were next to each other but not with each other. How can this be? It seems as if people have traded their souls and deep emotional connections for an artificial means of...

Cyclists Deserve Safety On U.S. Roadways

Cyclists Deserve Safety On U.S. Roadways

Tyler Bortz, Contributing Writer
August 8, 2016 • 510 views
Filed under Opinions

A car pulls up to an intersection, the driver looks both ways then proceeds into the intersection. Seemingly out of nowhere, a cyclist clips the front of the car. The cyclist is thrown off the bike and over the hood of the car. He skids to a stop on the pavement on the other side of the vehicle bloody...

Sexual Assault Opinion Article

Kaleigh Dominguez, Contributing Writer
July 24, 2016 • 643 views
Filed under Opinions, Uncategorized

We’ve all seen article after article on how to avoid sexual assault; to never set our drinks down, carry our keys in between our fingers, and watch out for our friends at parties. But do any of us ever think it will actually happen to us? Those are things that only people going to bigger schools need...

‘The Jungle Book’ Upsets Disney Fans

Penrod, A., Sakuma, P., Bustillos, C., Jensen, L., Warford, D., and LaFountain, J
June 26, 2016 • 1,029 views
Filed under Opinions

Disney’s latest take on ‘The Jungle Book’ fell short of the bare necessities. Was it the lack of the classic songs? The underestimated suspense?  Or the violent twist on the original story? ‘The Jungle Book’ was a letdown for classic Disney lovers. This action packed film caught many viewers...

Mornings Are Always Better with Coffee

Emily Erickson, Visual Coordinator
April 21, 2016 • 704 views
Filed under Info Graphics, Opinions

The sun comes up. The day is greeted with the screeching sound of the alarm clock. Typically at this stage, I’m tossing and turning -- trying to decide if I actually want to officially wake up. Let’s be honest -- it’s way too early and my bed is way too warm and safe to get out. After a solid...

American Idol Ends Series Finale with a Bang

Ajallade Hennis, Contributing Writer
April 10, 2016 • 568 views
Filed under Opinions

Television shows come and go, but American Idol was one of a kind. The televised singing contest ended its final season with contestant Trent Harmon defeating La'Porsha Renae for the winner of American Idol. According to Nielsen ratings, the finale drew 13.3 million viewers. This was the show's 15th...

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Tries Too Hard to Jump-Start The Justice League

Scott Altstiel, Contributing Writer
March 29, 2016 • 827 views
Filed under Jacket Journal, Opinions

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” opened in theaters March 25 and has since received very mixed reviews. BvS received an average rating of 5/10 from Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.5/10 from IMDb. So does BvS live up to all it was hyped up to be? And more importantly, should you go out and see the movie? Short answer – if you...

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