Crow Peak Hall now Makes College Dormitories a Luxury


Laura Heisinger

“Lookout Lounge” is a popular hangout for Crow Peak Hall residents.

It’s been over a year since Crow Peak Hall made its debut for the 2015 fall semester at Black Hills State University. The suites drew attention from current and future students as a housing option, while this new dormitory was built throughout the past year. Crow Peak Hall opened for students at the beginning of the 2015 fall semester.

Since then, the dorm keeps on expanding and growing in popularity. The dorm was built to offer a new kind of housing for students on campus and has had success at doing it so far. The dorm has a large number of students living there while it gains more attraction from people. Since the dorm has opened, the building has had campus parties, competitions and other social related activities for students.

Chase Vogel, former BHSU Student Senate president said, “Crow Peak Hall is a sign that BHSU listens to students. That sits really well with me, and it sits well with students I’ve talked to. This is a social and educational environment. Students are really ready for this.”

Crow Peak Hall was a $13.7 million project according to a report by Black Hills Pioneer. The four-story dorm is located near the end of the university’s campus. Some of the luxuries provided in the new dorm are 196 beds with private bathrooms, “Lookout Lodge,” a two-story living area with a fireplace, kitchen, a snack area, and a multimedia study room.

The dorm also connects Thomas Hall and Heidepriem Hall together. The three combining dorms provide accessibility for students to travel throughout the complex. BHSU students were involved in the process of Crow Peak Hall’s debut and the campus has had much success since it opened last year.

Over 100 students have lived in the dorms so far and the numbers are still increasing. The building does not just bring education to students; it also brings a new opportunity for students to socialize in a luxurious setting.