Fried Rewrites Indoor Track and Field Record Board Twice

Garrett W. Ravert, Contributing Writer

Black Hills State University held the 2017 Indoor Track and Field Championships the frigid weekend of Feb. 24 and 25. BHSU’s own Levi Fried competed at a high level in the 800 meter run and the distance medley relay. Fried holds 3 school records at BHSU including the 600 meter dash 800 meter run and the distance medley relay.

“It feels pretty great, I take a lot of pride in it,” said Fried.

His time of 1 minute 54 seconds gave Fried the bronze medal at the conference meet. He did notstop there by adding a fifth place finish in the distance medley relay. Their time of ten minutes and 20 seconds fell short of their national qualifying time of 10 minutes and 10 seconds. This time shrunk to 9 minutes and 46 seconds when converted to sea level. The team sat second in the nation in Division II as of Feb. 17 and plan on shooting for the higher position at Nationals.

Fried said “Our goal is to claim All-American honors and also hit our converted time.”

Teammate Christopher Johnsonsaid that “getting All-American is an awesome goal but I’m a very optimistic guy and I have this feeling deep down saying hey, if we play this right we could compete for first place.”

Fried had plenty of time in the spotlight when he attended Kodiak high school and middle school. He claimedtwo school records during middle school and was involved the 800 meter run along with the 1600 meter relay.

BHSU distance runner Jonah Theisen is an old rival of Fried. He said, “In high school he was always one of the best in the state even as a freshman.”

Fried captured threerecords while in high school. The 800 meter run and the 800 meter relay both have Fried’s named engraved on them. Kodiak was also engraved by Fried with a state record in the 800 meter relay.

Mark Fruechte said, “He is most certainly a leader. I see it, coaches see it, and I know other athletes see it as well.”

Fried gets recognized off the track as much as he would on the track. Doing exceptionally well though school over the years. Fried also aided in community trash clean ups and volunteered at a summer Christian camp.

“I can really see all the work he puts in. He still rarely ever rests and he always puts in the extra work,” said Theisen.

Humbleness is a strong characteristic of Fried’s. Being a leader was something he was always good at. Work ethic and positive actions pushed Fried to become a spectacular athlete.

Fried said, “I havebeen a leader through my actions and work ethic.”

Not onlyis Fried known as a leader but also as being courageous and strong.He makeshimself comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Fried has ran in pouring rain along with snow packed blizzards. All these led to his success in track and field along with creating rare characteristics.

Johnson said, “Levi is a man of courage because he puts himself into situations that not a lot of runners want to be in.”

Fried stands as athree time school record holder at BHSU. Fried is still happy with his performances although the indoor conference meet did notinvolve any school records.

“So now coming into college, and to get my name out there, and allof asudden break a couple school records is a good feeling,” said Fried.

“It was really humbling but at the same time it was super cool to be doing that stuff,” Fried added on.