Management and Leadership Students Present Volunteer Projects

The technology management and leadership class at Black Hills State University will be presenting projects at three locations on April 29 and May 6. These presentations will be held in Spearfish, Rapid City and Yankton. A BHSU admissions representative from Yankton, S.D., Chauntel Wright-Moore, M.P.A, instructs the class and has invited a group of observers to critique the presentations.

Students were instructed to volunteer time to a business or organization of their choice. Students created a report and graphic presentation that would explain their experience. About 30 students participated in the project. The project’s goal was to apply the leadership and communications skills students had acquired through the class to a real-world scenario.

BHSU’s course description states that the course is designed to teach students about, “interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics as they affect achievement of corporate goals.” Through the course, students examine the dynamics associated with leadership such as, “organizational communication processes, authority and team building.” According to the BHSU website.

The class is part of the engineering technology program in the School of Business. Wright-Moore instructs the class from the Regional Technical Education Center located in Yankton. Rapid City and Spearfish students report to local campuses and connect via The Digital Dakota Network. DDN provides an interactive video communications system much like Skype.

Students participating include: Seo Young Ahn, Brek Carper, Su Min Cho, Benjamin Hansen, Logan Hegemann, Gregory Hunter, Jacob Johnson, Young Jun Jung, Dustin Lee, Michael Mays, Jefferey Scheeler, Ryland Smith, Travis Tweeten, Quinn Zimmerman. The students from Rapid City are: William Bad Wound, Christopher Burks, Austin Burmeister, Shane Crecelius, Todd Esquibel, Ryan Gabert, Bobby Haworth, Daniel Laher, Matt Oa��Crotty, Jared Vigor, Adam Wegner, and from Yankton, S.D.:

Tony Huston, Tony Perk, Michelle Janson and Joan Stocking

The observers invited to critique the presentations include: From the Department of Industrial Technology, Steve Wynia and Dr. Monty Robinson. Also, the Dean of the College of Business and Natural Sciences, Dr. Pricilla Romkema, Associate Professor of Mass Communication, Dr. Mary Caton-Rosser, South Dakota Center for Enterprise Opportunity Executive Director, Helen Merriman, Design Engineer for Vermeer, Shannon Newman, Design Engineer for Kolberg-Pioneer Inc., Ashley Stewart, General Manager RTEC, Josh Svatos, Administrative Assistant RTEC, Brenda Spencer, BHSU Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Rodney Custer and Marketing Program Specialist RTEC, Cindy Lange.

Wynia is looking forward to the presentations.

“I expect to seethe students present well researchedandinformative information on their respective topics,” he said.

Wynia explained that he has observed many student presentations and is always impressed by the quality of research and professional presentation skills offered by BHSU students. They “stand out and have a lot to be proud of,” Wynia said.

The teams have chosen to present on the following businesses/organizations: The Banquet, The Rapid City Club for Boys, Area Aberdeen Tribal Health Board, Stadium Sports Grill, Western Hills Humane Society, Spirit of the hills Wildlife Sanctuary and Donovan Landscaping.

Many of the students chose to conduct the assignment on an organization they highly esteemed. Jefferey Scheeler and Dustin Lee of Spearfish chose to volunteer time with the Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. The Sanctuary provides home for abused, neglected or abandoned birds and animals while advocating environmental responsibility.Scheeler, who leads the team, said they chose the Sanctuary because he has always cared for animals.

“It is so interesting to be there and worth the time to help the animals,” Scheeler said. He explained that the experience taught him a lot about initiative and responsibility.

Todd Esquibel and Bobby Haworth of Rapid City chose the Area Aberdeen Tribal Health Board. Through the Board, Esquibel and Haworth volunteered at the Rapid City Native American Fair. The Fair provided a “platform for addressing issues that have implications far into the future towards the Native population in Rapid City,” Esquibel reported. “The changes that are being discussed will evolve our community in to a better place for all of Rapid City citizens.”

Tony Perk leads the Yankton team, which also includes Joan Stocking, Michelle Janson, and Tony Huston. They have chosen to volunteer time for The Banquet held at the United Church of Christ in Yankton. With help from local businesses and groups, The Banquet offers free meals every Thursday night and the first and third Tuesdays of every month. The meals are available to anyone who chooses to attend.

“It is a very needed service for the communitya��[and]a��it was a good experience for all of us,” Perk said. He also commented on the significance the event has for both volunteers and those in need of a meal. Both benefit from having a need meta��the need to help others and the need to receive help.

This is the first semester Wright-Moore has instructed this course and also the first time students of the class have been given this assignment.

“The students have put a great deal of thought and effort into their projects’I am hopeful this was a memorable, valuable, and enjoyable experience for all of them,” Wright-Moore said.